Hi, I’m Julie Anglesey

And I believe it’s never too early or too late to create your dream life, no matter your age or financial circumstances.

Building and renovating homes in the early years of my marriage allowed me to gain plenty of experience.

However, the financial rewards were minimal. In fact, some terrible decisions were made, and I felt like giving up the property game altogether.

Fortunately, I picked myself up and got educated. I identified my passion for renovating, paid for some quality property education, dug deep and was able to change my mindset.

Julie Anglesey - Renovating Made Easy

I quickly earned a year’s salary through ‘flipping houses’ and knew I’d found my mojo.

And I know you can do this too!

Julie Anglesey - Renovating Made Easy

That’s why I’ve created a workshop series to teach YOU How to Renovate for Profit.

This is different to the self-paced online courses where you get to hide behind your computer and gather more generalised information.

These workshops are LIVE fortnightly group sessions, so you get to implement what you’ve learned, and be accountable to your classmates, before mastering the next step.

This is not all theory with too many options.

This is specialised learning designed to see you TAKE ACTION and GET RESULTS.


We’ve done a number of property courses over the years, and the value Julie provides is incredible.

Not only that, we’ve just finished a renovation and it’s been great to access Julie’s knowledge along the way.

We’re very happy with our fast, profitable result and we can’t wait to do it again.
Thanks for everything!

Lisa and Shane, Mandurah

But what do you teach?

Great question!
Let’s quickly break down the 5-Step “How to Renovate for Profit” Workshop Series.
The fear associated with finding the right deal and getting the numbers right is what stops many potential renovators from taking action.
So we spend 8 value-packed hours in our first two workshops, to make sure no stone is left unturned.

In Workshop 1, FINDING YOUR FLIPPING PATCH, you’ll identify the right location and type of house you’re searching for, to match your lifestyle and financial needs. No more wasting time looking everywhere for a property. You’ll become a laser-focussed researcher.

In Workshop 2, NAILING YOUR NUMBERS, you’ll become very clear on how much to pay for your renovator’s delight. No more fear of paying too much for a property. If you can’t purchase for the right amount, you’ll have the confidence to walk away.

Once you’ve purchased your ugly duckling, you’ll be chomping at the bit to turn it into a beautiful swan.

In Workshop 3, CHOOSING YOUR RENOVATION STRATEGY, you’ll understand exactly what can be re-purposed, and what needs to be replaced. No more guesswork. No more arguments with your partner about what stays and what goes.

You’ll know exactly what to do to get buyers paying a premium for your property when it comes time to sell.

In Workshop 4, PROJECT MANAGEMENT MASTERCLASS, you’ll learn how to project manage like a pro, making sure that your renovation is completed on time and on budget. No more overwhelm. You’ll be in control all the way through your smooth-flowing project.

In Workshop 5, SAVING MONEY, STYLING AND SELLING SUCCESSFULLY, the whole process will be tied together beautifully. No more nervousness about whether or not your renovated property will sell. You’ll learn some cool insider tricks to ensuring your renovation is sold profitably and quickly.

By spacing the learning out over five 4-hour fortnightly sessions, you’ll have fun learning and practicing in a supportive group setting.
Oh, and here’s the other thing: each step will have some magical mindset work woven through, to remove the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.


Strategy + Self-Belief = Results!


Hi Julie. I am loving the course.

It’s probably the most useful, practical, applicable, actual how-to property information I have ever come across.

Great bunch of people too.

Thank you!

Annie, Bedford

Are you ready to learn how to renovate for profit?

How to
Renovate for profit
8-week course

This is a LIVE 8-week course, where you learn at your own pace in a group setting. You can participate in-person (in Perth) or be part of the group on Zoom.

I can’t wait to accompany you on your profitable renovation journey. So jump in now and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

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