5 easy steps for creating the wow factor in a weekend

When listing your newly renovated house for sale, what is the easiest, most inexpensive way to ensure your property stands out from the competition?

The magic word here is…


So crank up your favourite music, roll up your sleeves and follow this easy check list to make sure your home really outshines the rest!

1.  Clean all horizontal blinds 

Horizontal blind photoWhether windows have been opened or not, there will definitely be dust on your blinds.  You may not notice it but buyers will.  They will be going over everything with a fine tooth comb.

Even if they don’t look that closely, sensitive noses will be alerted to dust.

Besides, by ensuring your blinds are clean you are presenting the illusion of newness – even if they’re not.

2.  Clean all sliding door and window tracks

You know, those grey looking tracks on which the aluminium doors and windows slide.

Try vacuuming out the dirt and dust first.  Then, with your finger or an old toothbrush handle, run a damp disposable cloth along the track, collecting as much gunk as you can.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference clean tracks makes.

3.  Clean all internal doors and light switches 

Simple really.  A bucket of warm soapy water, a couple of sponges and voila!

After sponging dirty marks off the doors, wipe over with a dry cloth to give them an even finish.

If the light switches are really grubby, take off the covers and wash them all in a sink full of suds.  In most cases they will look as good as new.  If not, just go down to your local hardware store and purchase inexpensive new covers.  The end result is definitely worth it.

4.  Re-grout bathroom tiles

Follow this simple step-by-step process for restoring the sparkle to a tired bathroom.

How to re-grout (6)

5.  Clean all exterior paving with a high pressure water cleaner

If you don’t already own one, it is worth investing in a Karcher, Gerni or similar.

Try sites like Gumtree or Ebay if your budget won’t extend to buying new.

Paving that is free from weeds and ground-in dirt makes a home feel newer and fresher, appealing to your ultimate end buyer.

Got the cleaning bug now and just can’t stop?

No problem.  Here’s a few more little tricks to give your home that extra sparkle.

  • Clean the oven – goes without saying really
  • Clean air conditioning ceiling grilles – just like the light switches
  • Ensure all ceiling cornices are free from cob webs
  • Organise your pantry – when buyers spy your designer pantry they will want an organised kitchen, just like yours!
  • Wash all kitchen cupboard doors and drawers

When presenting your home for a profitable sale, the devil is in the detail.  By paying attention to the seemingly insignificant details outlined above, you will be way ahead of the competition.

Besides, what have you got to lose?  A weekend and less than a hundred bucks…

Happy cleaning!

Please leave a comment if you agree or disagree – or if there’s any other tips you’d like to add.