Project 10 – A 90’s Villa In Need Of A Woman’s Touch

After doing so much yard work in my previous renovations, the idea of a villa with minimal gardens was quite appealing.

Through creating good relationships with agents, (aka pestering…) I was able to hear about this deceased estate sale prior to the listing hitting the internet.

Perth was experiencing a lot of buyer competition, so we wanted this to be sold to us before anyone else could see it! So we put in a strong offer straight up, and were fortunate to have it accepted.

Over the past few years, the villa had been occupied by an elderly man and then his aging son. Both men had significant health conditions, so the cleanliness of the villa left a lot to be desired.

A lot of demolition was done – the old kitchen was removed, and both bathrooms were completely stripped out. We even removed a wall between the kitchen and dining to create the open plan living that modern homeowners desire.

We kept everything light, bright and neutral, and the “after” photos speak for themselves. I’m so happy with this beautiful transformation.

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