Easter can be a deeply spiritual time for some or a good excuse for a long weekend for others.  Whatever it means to you, it is the perfect time to get rid of the old (ideas, beliefs or objects) and regenerate anew.

So why not make use of the extra time at home this weekend and tackle some small de-cluttering projects that can make a huge difference?  

For my latest blog post I am excited to introduce Kaarin Toivonen, a professional organiser. Her company, Nordic Planning, helps everyday Aussies find a sense of relief and liberation by breaking free of clutter. She has generously shared some quick and easy ideas to help home renovators optimise their time and space by de-cluttering over the coming long weekend.

Here are three quick Easter de-cluttering projects you can squeeze in between the egg hunt and family dinners – and still have time for a little self-indulgence too.

1.  Make a difference in the pantry

Doubling up on items and having a hard time finding all of the ingredients for that cake you need to bake for the family? Take a little time to clear out the pantry. It is the area of storage that is visited the most, so the benefits will be felt every single day. If you’re short on time, restrict yourself to organising only one shelf at a time.

3 quick fixes that will make a big impact on your pantry

  • Discard all expired items.  If you haven’t used them since they expired, you are not likely to use them again!
  • Sort out categories and match up like items..  For example, group your sandwich spreads together, your tinned vegetables, breakfast cereals and so on,
  • Put your condiments on a tray to avoid your shelf from staining.  A clean space is just as important to your sense of well-being as an organised space.

2.  Take control of your pile of paper

During this long weekend, set a timer for fifteen minutes and attack your pile of papers.  Do this twice daily.

By following these five easy steps you will be done way before the long weekend is over!

  • Start by quickly flicking through and binning all the flyers, ads and out of date paperwork
  • Separate bills, letters and other paperwork
  • Keep letters and cards in a memorabilia box (or if you’re really brave – throw them in the bin!)
  • Pay all bills straight away.  Remember that you can future date payments to ensure you have sufficient funds
  • File away all paid bills and any paperwork that needs to be kept.  Unsure how to organise all the extra papers?  Click here for step by step instructions on how to set up your filing.


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3.  Organise your wardrobe

Short on wardrobe space now that winter is lurking around the corner?

Here are three quick wardrobe hacks that are easy to implement.

  • Change over your chunky wooden hangers to slimmer plastic ones. This will save you heaps of spaceWooden coathangers
  • Start applying the “one in one out” rule for your wardrobe. If you purchase a new item, get rid of an old one!
  • Arrange a swap meet with your friends where you catch up to swap clothes with one another in a fun way.  (Add bubbles for even more fun!)

Want to know how to arrange a swap meet? Read the Nordic Planning blog on how easy it is!

Well I hope Kaarin has inspired you to take a little time out to de-clutter and improve the energy of your home this weekend.  I look forward to reading your comments on how good it feels!

Happy Easter!